Wednesday, 28 May 2014

God Is a Perfect Matchmaker

God Is a Perfect Matchmaker

God Is a Perfect Matchmaker

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There is one important caveat to all of this.

In order to receive the person that God has intended for you, you have to inquire of him and then listen to his instruction. God has many ways of getting us to notice him, but as human beings, we are very good at ignoring his signals and red flags. We get caught up in looks, lust and the initial attraction of a person. Seek God from your heart. Go to him now and start talking to him. Ask him to be available to you. He said those that call upon his name shall be saved.  Call his name.  Don’t call him one time and hang up, either. Go back over and over again until you feel confident he heard and answered your prayer.  God enjoys becoming a part of a marriage that he approves of.  If not, you will have a worldly marriage without the assurance of God’s help, support, and spiritual guidance that every good marriage needs. Therein lies the difference between the two.

God Is A Matchmaker

You cannot see what’s up ahead for your marriage but God can.   In this way, that is why God really is truly the best matchmaker for us.

Dr. Diana


  1. Hi Dr. Diana,

    I found this out after a bad marriage. I was married young and went after looks and ...oh well a long story. But, I started talking to God...not once and hang up as you said (which gave me a chuckle!) But all the time.

    It was not until I asked God to open my eyes that I met my husband 24 years ago. "a match made in heave" as I call it.

    I am trying so hard to teach my daughter how this all works. She is 30 years old and wants a family with children. As I keep praying for her eyes to open, I see it happening slowly but surely.

    Yes, indeed God is a great matchmaker. We only have to ask.


  2. Hi Diana
    It is absolutely right that God is perfect matchmaker but we must also remember that God proposes and man disposes. So we must do our part and leave the rest to God.

    1. Nope, it is the other way around. Proverb 16:9, and 16:33, man proposes and God disposes.

  3. Hi Dr Diana,

    Great Post Indeed!!

    Yes, GOD is the perfect matchmaker and he attracts his children to each other and when GOD is in the equation, he works the best for those who love him and give him the leadership of their lives.

    Thanks Dr. Diana for a great and inspired post. Very much needed nowadays. Have yourself a great weekend ahead.

    Be Blessed,


  4. Hi Diana,

    Marriages are certainly made in heaven, and that's just what I believe :)

    Yes, He is the perfect matchmaker, though sometimes when things don't work, we tend to call Him names and what all not. But we fail to understand that the flaw lies on both parties, rather than Him. Marriage is a beautiful association of two people in love - we just need to understand that.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend :)

  5. Definitely true! Fate will pull us to the right person. Also, the timing is sometimes off but God surely makes it happen if we are aware. Lovely!

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