Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Stress & The Bedroom

Let’s be real, stress and the bedroom have very little in common. When you think about the bedroom there are a couple of other things you rather do than to battle the big S.

Stress is taking over our lives. Family doctors are now treating more stress related illness than any other illness. So what is the solution? What if you can’t afford to take a vacation right now but you need to de-stress?

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Well I am going to throw my hat in the ring on the topic of stress. I will share with you my personal ideas, ways and things that I do to take the stress off. The bedroom is for more than what you think it is. Let’s be creative!!!

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Real Sex and Marriage

The Real Sex and Marriage
The real S&M (sex and marriage) is not painful at all... quite the contrary! The art of lovemaking is a spiritual intimacy between two companions joined by God. It’s the combination of love and sex.

On the other hand, the three ren-egades – “Friends with Benefits,” “Doing the Wild Thing” and “Doing the nasty – have been said to take no prisoners. But that is untrue. In fact, they have played a major role in the destruction of many good marriages. The old cliché says when two people have sex, someone gets up with feelings. The three mentioned above can only offer emotional pain and the residual effects of a hook up.

There are very important and strategic reasons why God reserved sex for marriage only. Let’s go for the obvious: pro-creation. But it’s also a form of communication and healing, among other things. When godly love is injected into sex, it is a creative expression that satisfies the soul and has sustaining value.

On the contrary, when sex is reigning but absent of godly love, it teases the flesh, creates a lustful environment and causes things to spin out of control.

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Love and lust are not synonymous. Lust has no redeeming qualities. Sex was designed and ordered by God. It is an act that is supposed to communicate the deep expression of love of two people who are married to each other. It is an act of soul mates that desire each other and are displaying their total commitment through sexual intimacy. It is a precious gift that God gives to those He has joined together in marriage.

Sex Is Not Free!

Sexual unions derived through any other channel other than marriage are unsupported by God and, in fact, fall under sin. Sex without marriage is not only sinning, it’s against God’s will and not good for your own body either. The greatest damage from this kind of emotional stab is that it’s debilitating to a person’s spirit and can delay your true identity from emerging.

Sex is not just a physical union... it’s a spiritual one too! When you are having sex with someone, all three of your beings – body, soul and spirit – are interacting. You are giving something away that you may never get back.
Imagine sharing yourself with someone who is physically and spiritually filthy; that will now be transferred to you. At best, non-marital sex is a temporary high that quickly dissolves, often leaving behind loneliness, low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

The spiritual essence of two people is only supposed to be captured within marriage. Although there are two people entwined and connected, there are other experiences and things happening between the lovers that go unseen, which affects them far beyond their sex act. When embraced within the purposes for which God intended, sex bears good fruit. In a society where sexual expression and marriage are often redefined, it’s no wonder that marital sex and lovemaking can become convoluted. We as Christians must be careful not to take our cues from the world’s point of view on what God deems Holy and only for marriage. We must take our cues from the word of God concerning marital love and respect for each other.

Please do not think that lovemaking is dull and or boring for Christians just because of their relationship with God. Oh no! It can be very romantic, poetic, passionate and yes, even saucy if we use our imaginations and creativity! Sex is a powerful interchange that keeps redefining itself with each passing generation.