Monday, 16 June 2014

Break the Rules By: Sarah Bell

I know what you must be thinking; she wants us to break the rules, what rules and why? Rules are there for a reason, and rules keep you safe. Well in this ever changing industry, rules change, bend, and break all in the name of fashion. If you are prepared to be your local trendsetter by breaking an old rule that no one even knows why they follow anymore, then keep reading to find what to wear with that trendy leather jacket of yours.

The category is fashion and the rule is “Do not wear leather in summer.” Fashion is evolving every day. Each season world renowned designers showcase their designs at fashion weeks across the globe. Who better to get the inside scoop from then the designers themselves? Leather jackets are on trend this summer. So dust off that jacket you put in the back of your closet thinking it would not get much use until cooler weather arrived. If you have a darker jacket, black, grey, dark brown, then pair it with lighter neutral colored clothing to brighten up the look for summer. If you are following the looks seen from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and Fendi then purchase a light neutral colored leather jacket and rock that at your family bonfire or fireworks.

When learning to be fashionable, first you have to learn the rules, so you do not have a fashion mishap, but after you learn the rules you are free to break and bend them anyway you want. When it comes to what your wearing remember how you feel in it is the most important. Be your own fashion icon and local trendsetter. So, be daring and rock that leather jacket this summer.


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